Classes Timetable


(Royal Academy Of Dance)

Our Ballet course based on the classical ballet dance technique (Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus), structured classes that develop children’s physical skills and encourage creativity, expression and confidence. Through the games and classical ballet music, kids can explore their body possibility and boost their memories and improve their gross and fine motor muscles.

Ballet can help to correct the proper alignment, dance technique and discipline. All work is progressive and designed to develop posture, placement, turn-out, strength, suppleness and performance style.

Students are given the opportunity to enter Royal Academy of Dance annual examination from 3 year old.


New JazzAddict Australasia annual examinations in VDT

Kids will learn fun Jazz techniques and combinations in class, danced to their favourite pop songs. Jazzaddict is an examination based syllabus, the levels are made up of a series of exercises including arm combinations, classical technique, floor work, turns, isolations, leaps, amalgamations and dances. Based on Jazz dance technique, games section, pop music and dance combinations with high-energy and age-appropriated. Kids will learn Jazz dance in a fun and easiest way! The most creativities class to build their gross and fine motors.

Jazzaddict provides each student with solid technical training, performance training, and the platform to create, achieve and learn in professional way.

Students are given the opportunity to enter Jazzaddict annual examination from 4 year old.